At St John, we’re all about saving time, money and lives.


With this in mind, we’ve made our First-Aid Training easier to complete than ever before.

Our training programs are some of the fastest and best in the business. We use cutting edge technology such as immersive screens and virtual reality to immerse our attendees into scenarios that are as close to real-life as it gets, some taking only half a day to complete.

Here’s how you could be a true workplace hero: 

- Save attendees time spent out of the office
- Save on boring administration time
- Save your boss money
- Save attendees from other tedious courses
- Save yourself from the fear of the unknown
- Save lives

So, put your heroes into training today.

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It's like the first aid training you know, but much faster and even more enjoyable.

We’ve incorporated cutting edge technology like Virtual Reality, Immersion Screens and your own Phone or Tablet to deliver the best first aid training in Australia with significant time reductions.

Onsite workplace training

How to Book Training at your

St John training is fully mobile and you don’t need a large workspace to host it.


Two delivery models are currently available:
1. Virtual Reality (using VR headsets or iPads) for up to 4 people
2. Immersive technology (Using iPads and digital technologies) for up to 22 people

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